A Fun Opportunity to Weigh In

Vote for your Favorite Entry Sign


You’ve certainly noticed that our community signage looks long in the tooth. In fact, our entry sign near the lighthouse collapsed. So we engaged a designer to craft multiple options for new entry signs and now we’re ready for you to let us know your favorite. 


Shortly, a survey is coming your way. Please cast a vote for your preferred design so we can make a final decision. 


New Board Members


We asked, and you volunteered. We’re so pleased we have two new Board members – Russ Bowman and Clark French. Russ and Samantha live on Queen Victoria Way as do, coincidentally, Clark and Mary. They are all relatively new to Queen’s Landing so I hope you’ll welcome them. 


Appearance Matters


Even if you don’t look at your back patio, or never use it, appearance matters. Please don’t use the space for storage or the clutter you don’t want in your house.  Some of us have let things get out of hand, attracting pests and blocking egress.  Now is the time for a concerted clean up.  Your patio contributes to the community ambience so please take a few hours to spruce it up.  Thank you.






Laurelle Sheedy McCready

President, Board of Directors 

Queen's Landing Council of Unit Owners

[email protected]


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