Trash and Recycling


TRASH: Trash days are Mondays and Fridays.  Put it out at the curb no earlier than sunset the night before, Sunday night or Thursday night.

Trash should be placed in securely tied, heavy-duty plastic bags (not in cans). If trash is placed out any earlier, you are in violation of the Rules and Regulations. When a major holiday (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas) falls on one of our scheduled pick up days (Monday or Friday), the trash will be picked up the following day (Tuesday or Saturday).


RECYCLING: Single-Stream  Recycling is available at the maintenance shed (intersection of Queens Landing Drive and Queen Anne Way)


All of your recyclables can be placed together in the same container!

  • Newspapers (including all inserts), Magazines and catalogs and Junk mail. Cardboard and paperboard boxes (including cereal boxes without liners). Cardboard boxes should be emptied and crushed.

  • Computer printouts, Office paper (including typing, fax, copy, letterhead, NCR) and envelopes. Books (including paperbacks, textbooks, hardbacks and telephone books)

  • Brown paper bags (kraft)

  • Glass food and beverage containers such as jars and bottles. Ferrous and bimetal food and beverage containers.

  • Non-metallic wrapping paper

  • Aluminum food and beverage containers, aluminum foil and aluminum pie pans.

  • Narrow-neck plastic containers (other than for motor oil) carry plastic resin identification code 1 through 7.

  • Wide-mouth containers such as peanut butter, margarine/butter tubs, yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, mayonnaise, whipped topping, peanut butter, and prescription bottles. Aseptic/gable-top milk and juice cartons.

  • Aerosol Cans.


Short List of Materials NOT ACCEPTED


  • NO PLASTIC BAGS. Recyclables cannot be deposited in plastic trash or grocery bags.  Plastic bags are not currently not accepted by our Recycling Provider.

  • Wax coated paper or cardboard.

  • Any material with substantial food debris

    (small trace amounts of food residue is ok).

  • Batteries of any kind.

  • Styrofoam of any kind.

  • Light bulbs of any kind.

  • Mirrors, window or auto glass, porcelain, ceramics, glass cookware/bake ware, microwave oven trays, drinking glasses, perfume/cologne bottles.

  • Wood or Yard Waste. Wire coat hangers.

  • Household items such as toasters, cookware, bakeware, electronics,

    appliances, etc.

  • Hazardous or toxic substances.

  • Items containing or having debris and residue containing hazardous or toxic substances such as paint cans with wet paint, motor oil containers, gasoline cans, glue, petroleum products, etc.

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