QL Pool Season – COVID 19 Update

Date: April 29, 2020
Subject: QL Pool Season – COVID 19 Update

Good Afternoon QL,

With COVID 19 sanctions still in place and pool season rapidly approaching the Board wanted to take a moment to update you on Anchor Aquatics’ (pool management company) current status and the framework for the plan moving forward as it applies to Queen’s Landing.

You may have noted Anchor Aquatics’ field staff having been onsite over the past several weeks doing the work they do every spring in order to open the pool to include cover removal and starting up the system so that the pool is circulating, filtering, and being sanitized.  In the coming weeks you will see finer pool cleaning detail progress with the pool furniture set up being the final steps as far as pool opening preparation.  It is important to note that the CDC states that COVID-19 cannot survive in property treated pool water.

Moving forward we are anticipating a number of variables for the upcoming pool season.  The first of which is when can we safely open the facilities to residents?  What the Board and Anchor Aquatics’ understand about the state government’s three phase plan for reopening and normalization is that each phase starts with a required 14-day downward trajectory of cases and the ability to test, track, and treat potential Coronavirus patients in order to advance to the next stage.  Phase One would have social distancing guidelines similar to those in place now with strict physical distancing protocols ordered for places permitted to reopen.  In Phase Two, for regions that show no signs of Coronavirus rebounds, gatherings could be increased to 50 people and additional places of gathering permitted to open.  In Phase One & Two vulnerable individuals should continue to shelter in place and those that reside with them be aware they could carry the virus back home.  In Phase Three, again for regions that show no signs of Coronavirus rebounds, could expand guidance on larger venues with limited physical distancing protocols.  While it is impossible to predict the timing on when these phases may present themselves Anchor Aquatics has set an optimistic goal of opening the facilities for use on June 15th.

The challenges we face in preparing for possible opening are many – one being an anticipation of possible staff/lifeguard shortages.  With that possibility a no guest and no pool parties policy may be implemented until after July 4th.  We may also need to make necessary modifications to pool schedules as circumstances dictate as Queen’s Landing cannot have the pool open if there is no lifeguard present.  We will continue to re-evaluate and adjust accordingly with the ultimate goal of returning to as close to a normal operation as soon as safely possible.

The areas covered in this update may not be the only possible policies or mandates implemented by either Anchor Aquatics or the Association as we anticipate additional challenges to arise as we navigate through these scenarios relevant to the Coronavirus, however, the Board will provide updates accordingly including a future update as to how pool passes will be handled this pool season.

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