2020 Annual Meeting Recap and Announcements

Date: October 09, 2020
Subject: 2020 Annual Meeting Recap and Announcements
Good Evening QL,
The 2020 Annual Meeting has come and gone and it’s time for some announcements.  The 2020 Budget was approved and the approved budget will be emailed to all owners this coming week and will be posted on the Tidewater Portal under Community Information > Budget.
208 Votes were cast representing 61.2% of the community which is fantastic.  Verified results will be sent out within the next 24 hours.
Thank you to all the candidates for being willing to step up to the plate and serve on the Board as it is a three year committment and not a task to be taken lightly, so all are commended for volunteering. On that note, congratulations to Rick Baamonde, Gary Hagy and Andres (Tito) Sandin.  I am pleased to announce your 2020 – 2021 Board of Directors as follows:
Board Officers
Bob Karnei, President
Reg Overman, Vice President
Jaci Hendricks, Treasurer
Mike Rabinowitz, Secretary
Members At Large
Walter Adcock
Rick Baamonde
Gary Hagy
Tom Lindsay
Andres (Tito) Sandin
Committee Chair assignments will be sent out in the near future.  After Committee Chairs are appointed committtee volunteer applications will be sent out to the community, so if you would like to be an active part of your community, keep an eye out for that announcement.  Remember, volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.  For anyone that is thinking about joining a committee, the committee charters are posted on the Tidewater Portal and can be viewed under Community Information > Governing Documents > Committee Charters.
Finally, thank you to Carol Reiter, Cynthia Brown and Bob Bradford for your many years of service.
Thank you,

Tammy Eaton
On-Site Community Association Manager

Queen’s Landing CUO
500 Queen’s Landing Drive
Chester, MD  21619
[email protected]
O: 410-643-5192  F:410-604-2712

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