Queen’s Landing Cardboard Boat Regatta Debuts in the News!!

Date: October 10, 2020
Subject: Queen’s Landing Cardboard Boat Regatta Debuts in the News!!

The Queen’s Landing Cardboard Boat Regatta… How great that the community was able to have such a fun, positive and all inclusive event last month, especially during the struggles of COVID 19.  And, apparently QL is not the only ones who recognized this triumph of the times! Thanks to Board Member, Reg Overman, sharing the fun on Kent Island Happenings facebook page, news of your event reached well beyond the shores of QL and caught the eye of the Kent Island Bay Times and Record Observer (see link for article at the bottom of this broadcast message).  Board Member, Bob Karnei’s scintillating September Board Report even gave him the byline for the article.  Thanks to the beautiful photos of Darcy Karnei’s sister (Curly Willow Creative), we are all able to share in the pure joy on each of the particpants faces, not to mention the agony of defeat for some, the face of determination on the tiniest of faces and the pride of accomplishment for all.

Thank you to those that built boats and participated in the race:

Kaylyn Karnei and Dylan McCormick (The Jolly Mon)

Katherine, David, Caroline and Lewis Molnar (The Titanic)

Kei, Sean and Annabelle Tolliver (Family Boat)

Maddie and Heather Payne (Maddie)

Bob Bradford and Ella Payne (Ella)

Mike, Jake and Jonah Rabinowitz (Card Aboard?)

Carol and Rich Reiter (SS Minow II)

Thank you to Board Member, Jaci Hendricks for sewing the burgees each team received and was able to design so as to best represent their boat and have as a keepsake of their day on the water. Thanks to Phil Groves for providing the pick up boat and exhibiting stellar boating skills.  Jarrod Hendricks for serving as lifeguard and paddleboard extraordinaire. Steve Brandenburg and Jay Davies for providing the music.  Bob, Darcy and Kaylyn Karnei for trophy design, organization and managing the event and of course the food trucks (Blue Monkey Street Tacos, Smoke Rattle & Roll, and Jack Frost Snowballs).

So click the link below and read all about it!


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