No Assigned Parking in QL

Date: March 25, 2021
Subject: No Assigned Parking in QL

It has been brought to my attention that someone is leaving notes on vehicles stating they are “Taking Owners Space.

Please note Queens Landing does not have assigned parking spots.  Please see below the Governing Documents for Parking Rules and Regulations.

We ask that everyone be courteous and park no more than one car near the building to allow everyone at least one parking spot close to their building. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Queens Landing Office .

2.8.1. Parking Except as provided in section

(d) herein, there is no reserved parking on Queen’s Landing. Since we do not have sufficient space to ensure parking for 2 vehicles per unit, we urge multi-car families, visitors, and guests to use the overflow parking as available. 

(a)No one shall park in such a way as to impede ready access to another parking space or impede or obstruct the egress of another vehicle or the passage of emergency vehicles.

(b) Vehicle covers shall be neutral in color with the rear license visible.

(c) Vehicles shall be parked so as not to impede access to the sidewalk.

(d) Vehicles must remain off the grassy Common and Limited Common Elements.

(e) Handicapped Parking Access. A written request, to include an appropriate certification from the Department of Motor Vehicles, for a handicapped parking space must be submitted to the Office at the clubhouse. A copy of the current certification must be kept on file in the clubhouse office. All certificates are subject to periodic review.

(f) Motorcyclists should read Section 2.8(i).

Thank you,


Lisa L Shank

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