Queens Landing Landscape Committee 2021 Fall Projects

Date: October 19, 2021
Subject: Queens Landing Landscape Committee 2021 Fall Projects

Hello Queens Landing,


The landscape committee for the past few years has been addressing the areas in our community most in need of maintenance and enhancement. While we have been making substantial progress there is much still to do.


We are fortunate in Queens Landing to have many individual gardeners who take great care of the common area in their unit front. Everyone on the landscape committee purchases and installs the shrubs, and flowers they want by using our Landscape Change Request LCR.  Some of our residents are simply unable to care for their unit fronts or have no interest whatsoever.  That’s where our Landscape Committee comes in as we do campus reviews each year to see where our greatest needs are.


This year and beginning the week of October 23rd, we will have some tree planting, trimming, Tree removal by Bartlett Tree Service, grass removal grass redistribution and many unit fronts and common area distanced from a unit front will be receiving work by Chester River Landscape.


Grasses – We have tagged several grasses with pink flagging and these grasses are marked for removal.  Grasses grow out each year and many start dying in the center. This is a sign that they are old and need to be divided. Unfortunately, we do not have any more space for more grasses so not all of them will be redistributed. The other issue with our grasses when the center is dying out is that turf grass and weeds take their place. For this reason, we will only remove the grass this fall and in the 2022 spring we can clean up the beds with weeds and plan for new plantings next fall where applicable. A list of targeted grasses has been attached.


Enhancement & Maintenance


We logged over 70 community requests over the last two years. Each request is documented and if we cannot address it in year it was received we copy it into the following year till it is complete or we determine it is not doable.


This year we have approximately 22 common areas that will be getting improvements. We have attached a list of addresses and place markers for your review.


Also, we highly encourage more participation by our community with the Landscape Committee. It is rare that anyone from the community attends our meetings.  Our general routine is spring cleaning with little planting, Planning during the summer months and Planting in the Fall.


Thank you very much.

Reg Overman III

On behalf of the Landscape Committee

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