Queen’s Landing Clubhouse Progress

A quick tour of the progress we’re making on the clubhouse.

First, if you turn right into the lobby and look down the hall towards the gym, below on the left you can still see the door into the gym. Below on the right, it has been removed, and you can see clear out to the Chester River.

Moving down the hallway and stopping at the intersection of where the gym door was and the hallway towards the bathrooms and the pool, you can get a closer look in the below left photo of the removal of the southern wall of the gym. On the right is a similar view after some more progress, with floors removed, a new wall added to the gym to create the new hallway, and the far exit to the Chester River, which is blocked off temporarily at this point in the renovation.

If you turn left from there, in the below lefthand photo was the hallway leading to the bathrooms and out to the pool. In the middle photo, you can see the floors have been ripped out and the wall and far door to the gym removed. In the third photo, you can see the new gym wall has been expanded out towards this hallway. The exit to the pool (and ultimately the reason for this project) will remain but will be locked and fobbed for compliance with COMAR.

Next a couple of photos of the bathrooms before they were demolished, and what they look like totally ripped out.

Moving into the gym, on the left we have the as yet untouched original on the bottom left. Bottom right, you can see the carpeting has been removed as well as double doors to the social room and the far end of the new hallway and exit towards social room and Chester River on the right has been cut out. Drop ceiling has also been removed.

Below is some more progress in the gym. In these photos you can see where the old southern and western wall of the gym have now been removed.

Finally in the photos below, the new walls around the gym have been framed in.

Lastly the social room and its storage closet. Below you can see the social room with its old floor, ceilings, and windows. Door to the storage closet in the back right. In the photo on the right, the plywood you see covers an old in-ground hot tub.

In the next photo below left, the ceiling has been removed as well as all doors and windows out to the pool and the hot tub has been filled in. Below right you can see a new cement subfloor has been created.

Finally the closet connected to the social room which is being reconfigured as the new COMAR-compliant exit. On the left, what you would see if you stepped through the door into it from the social room and looked left. On the right, standing in the closet looking back to the same entry.

In the photo below right, you can see the closet ripped out, and the current doorway to the social room. In the right with the new cement subfloor poured, you can get an idea of how the closet now looks more like the end of the hallway that will exit the building.

Lastly a couple of bonus photos of the social room from the outside of the building. More to come as soon as we can!

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