BOD Recap February 2022

Date: February 23, 2022
Subject: Monthly: BOD Recap February 2022

First off, the Board would like to welcome its appointee to the vacant seat on the Board, Chris Buell of 1A Queen Victoria Court. Chris has a business management background and has spent the last few months on the Maintenance committee and has proven to be a valuable asset to the team and the community.  Welcome, Chris!


Secondly, we just wanted to update you that progress continues in the Clubhouse and the current completion date is looking like mid to late April.


Several items of business were covered at this month’s Board meeting:


*A motion proposed by the Treasurer and passed unanimously for a tighter set of controls on initiating electronic funds transfers between operating and investment accounts.   Up until now, there were only a loose set of rules for who initiated this and who had to sign.  Now there is a form and a process and the details of this can be found in the motion when the full minutes are published or else we are happy to provide it upon request before then.


*A motion proposing which vendor would be chosen to provide services in the inspection of the buildings 10 year mark since restoration which was passed unanimously.   2023 is 10 years since the first set of buildings were restored, and the next several years after this will see each year’s buildings receive their 10 year inspection.  Funds for this work are already accounted for in the Reserve planning.


*A motion to approve the contractor Harper & Sons to provide final costs for the renovation of the hallway floors/walls along with the Chester Room remodel, subject to another future board vote for those final costs approval and timeline. A cosmetic facelift of this kind was accounted for already in the future Reserves, but that committee proposed this motion to take advantage of the savings of doing it while we already have a contractor onsite, permits, etc.   More detail will follow on the motion with the actual costs.


Please look at for our Quarterly Newsletter at the beginning of next month!


For questions or comments on this communication, please contact the office or communications committee at [email protected].

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