Clubhouse and Onsite Management Office Fully Closed Until Further Notice

Date: February 21, 2022
Subject: Clubhouse and Onsite Management Office Fully Closed Until Further Notice
Good Afternoon QL,
The clubhouse and the onsite management office is fully closed until further notice as there is no active fire/smoke alarm system and as such, per the fire marshall, no one except the construction crew can be in the building.  All resident fobs are inactive for the clubhouse at this time.
We are hopeful that this will be a short term situation with the system active again within the next couple of weeks.  We are also hopeful that all of the loud (jackhammering) and dusty (demolition) work or other rough conditions (no water or heat) that required the manager to work remotely many days is vitually over and that she will be back in the office on a more consistent basis once the fire/smoke alarm system is back up and functional.  That being said, keep your eyes peeled as an update of the progress in the clubhouse along with photos will be coming soon – most likely next week.
Assistance in the meantime…
  • If you need to reach the manager email is the best form of communication, however, if you do call in to the office, please leave a message. Calls are being monitored and returned as efficiently as possible.
  • If you need to drop off a document, please place it in the black mailbox located at the clubhouse entrance.  The manager does come onsite to check the mail throughout the week and will email you once the document is retrieved.
  • If you have a maintenance issue, please log on to the portal and submit a maintenance request.  If it is an after hours maintenance emergency (water damage/fire, etc), please call the Tidewater main office at 443-548-0191 and follow the prompts to reach the oncall manager.
Thank you for your cooperation while the Association continues to work to improve your community!

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