Boating Season and Parking Along the Marina (Queen Victoria Way)

Date: March 28, 2022
Subject: Boating Season and Parking Along the Marina (Queen Victoria Way)

Hello Queens Landing,


Boating season is just around the corner and last year residents who live along the marina brought up some concerns about boat owners and parking. Those concerns were brought to the Marina Board’s attention and their Board has taken action to address these concerns by amending their Rules and Regulations to provide stronger guidance on parking. The Marina’s full Rules and Regulations are available for viewing on the website in the Forms and Resources section in the Marina Documents section, however, we have included below, for your use and information, the excerpt from their adopted Rules and Regulations regarding parking:


Section 7. Marina Parking

  1. Designated no parking zones will be strictly observed. Vehicles remaining in these areas after being notified to be removed will be removed at the Marina Board of Directors discretion and at the owner’s sole risk and expense.
  2. Parking is prohibited on grassy areas and pedestrian crossings
  3. All owners, lessees and guests shall use overflow parking when using the Marina.

For the community’s use and reference, attached is a map showing the overflow parking areas along the marina side of the community with the areas highlighted in yellow.


Thank you to the Marina Board of Directors for listening to QLCOUO resident’s concerns and taking affirmative action. We hope everyone enjoys the upcoming summer and that this boating season will be as enjoyable for the residents that live along the marina as it is for the boat owners!

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