Interior Condo Maintenance – HVAC/Dryer Vents/Hotwater Heaters and More!

Date: April 13, 2022
Subject: Interior Condo Maintenance – HVAC/Dryer Vents/Hotwater Heaters and More!

This notice is being sent out to all owners as a reminder it may be time to complete interior condo maintenance at your condo.  These items are owner responsibility and are important to be completed to help in preventing water and fire losses. Please read the information below and take action as necessary.

HVAC, Heat Pumps and Split Systems – Your HVAC systems should be checked by a professional once a year. So if you have a standard central AC or a furnace, each of these units should be maintained and inspected each year and if you didn’t do it in Fall you need to do it now. If you have a heat pump system that you use year-round, then you’ll want to schedule this service once every 6 months.  If you have a split system it is recommended that you service your Wall Split System Air Conditioner at least once a year. This is because your system is continually circulating air and the filters and coil will get dust and dirt build up.

Hot Water Heater – Industry recommendations are that owners should flush their water heaters at least once a year, but if you have extremely hard water, you may want to do it more often.  Flushing your hotwater heater will extend the life of your heater and is easy to do should you want to do it yourself vs hiring a plumber. With proper maintenance, a gas water heater tank should last between eight to 12 years. An electric tank typically offers up to 15 years of quality use, while the life expectancy of tankless electric water heaters can surpass 20 years. If your hotwater heater has exceeded it’s useful life expectancy you should have it replaced.  Areas on the water heater will rust out resulting in water loss and causing major damage to your and possibly your neighbor’s unit so it is imperative to service them and replace when necessary.

Dryer Vents - All should be aware that per the Rules & Regulations 2.13 (n) All units must have their dryer vents cleaned at least once a year and provide proof to the management office this has been completed.

Fireplaces – If you have a fireplace (wood or propane) please have a top to bottom inspection and servicing to include chimney cleaned where applicable and provide proof of service completed to the management office.  This inspection and servicing should be done every year.

Toilets – Check your toilet(s) to make sure they are secure and that the flapper works properly to prevent the toilet from continually “filling”. In general a toilet flapper should be replaced every 3 to 5 years. If left unattended, a faulty flapper will leave you with a leaky toilet that eventually impacts your water bill. In fact, a warped or poorly fitted flapper wastes up to 200 gallons of water per day.  There’s a very simple test to tell if your flapper is leaking. Add a few drops of food coloring to your toilet tank. You can also use a dye tablet specially designed for this purpose. Wait about 15 minutes after adding the dye. If there’s a water leak, you’ll see the color inside the toilet bowl.  Wax rings normally last for 20 or more years, however, signs to look for that indicate the wax ring should be replaced are Water around the toilet Base: Bad Odors Coming from the toilet; Ceiling or Floor Damage in the area a toilet is located (this can occur especially if the base has been caulked). Sometimes a toilet leaks around the base and it has nothing to do with the wax ring. For example,the bolts that attach the toilet to the floor are loose or damaged allowing water to leak out from base. Tightening or replacing these bolts should solve the problem.  Another issue that leads to water around the toilet base is a leaky supply line. The water pipe that runs from the back of the toilet to the wall might have come loose and needs to be fixed, or, it’s possible the pipe is corroded and has developed a small leak. For supply line issues it is recommended you contact a plumber.

Unit Access – Please make sure you have provided a working key to the management office for your unit in case emergency access is needed.  Also, have you thought about installing a smart keyless door lock? These start at around $119 and allows you the ability to easily change the code or provide temporary codes as well as the ability to unlock the door via voice command (pin access, still).

Landlords, it is your responsibility to make certain that your tenants are provided the information in this email.  The best and easiest way for that to happen is to make sure you are complying with Queen’s Landing Rules & Regulations and have provided this office with a copy of the lease and the lease addendum as well as having added your tenant and their email address to your portal account as an additional user.  This is the only way your tenant will receive broadcast messages from the Association and it is a requirement in order to be in compliance with the governing documents.

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