How to Submit A Maintenance Request

Date: July 25, 2022
Subject: How to Submit A Maintenance Request
Hello Queen’s Landing!
It is important that all maintenance requests be submitted through the Tidewater portal to ensure that the request is not lost, that the request can be effectively tracked, that the history stays with the unit and that it is viewable by more than just one person within the management company as well as by the Maintenance Committee and Board of Directors.
Attached to this community wide Broadcast Message is a “How to Submit A Maintenance Request” cheat sheet.  You can save this information on your computer or phone for easy reference or you can also find it on the Tidewater portal under Community Information > Property Information > Maintenance.
If you need an update on a previously submitted maintenance request or would like to provide additional information, please do not submit a new request.  Instead, email the office at [email protected] and include the Maintenance ID number in the subject line of the email.  Instructions for finding the Maintenance ID is included in the attached document.  Also, please know that maintenance requests cannot be deleted and remain with your unit file as part of the unit’s maintenance history.  To view these you simply need to change the filter when doing a search as only open maintenance requests will show as the default view when you log in to your portal account.  The information on how to change the filter is also included in the attached document.
If you are an owner that rents your unit out, you can either set up your renter to have permission to submit maintenance requests for the unit, or, if you are not willing to give that permission, you will need to advise your renter to please email you the issue and you will submit the maintenance request.  If you would like to provide that permission but are unsure how to do so in your portal account, please email the office at [email protected].
Thank you!

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