Pool Access Gate is Working!

Date: July 26, 2022
Subject: Pool Access Gate is Working!
You can now access the pool through the pool entrance gate located to the left of the clubhouse (marina side).  The fob reader is located on the wall of the clubhouse at the gate.  Simply place your fob to the reader and then pull the gate toward you to open it.  As a reminder, all residents must fob in to access the pool so please do not hold the gate open for those not in your party.  If you are simply wanting to be a good neighbor and help someone with their arms full, please have them fob first, ensuring the fob unlocks the gate and then you are welcome to hold the gate open to assist them.  If their fob is not working there is a reason and that resident will need to contact the office to rectify the situation.
Also, as a reminder the gate to the right of the clubhouse (river side) is an exit only gate.  No residents should be entering through this gate at any time and none of the gates should ever be propped open.

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