Saturday’s Outrigger Canoeing Clinic

Date: September 06, 2022
Subject: Saturday’s Outrigger Canoeing Clinic

Hi Neighbors,


This is the last week to sign up for Saturday’s Outrigger Canoeing Clinic. The forecast for Saturday is 81 degrees and no rain, as of now.


Kent Island Outrigger Canoe Club ( is dedicated to the great sport of Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe racing and perpetuating the Hawaiian culture and spirit though outrigger canoeing and are located at the Kent Island Yacht Club (117 Yacht Club Dr, Chester, MD 21619) right on the southern tip of the Kent Island side of the Narrows.


Our community has been offered group lessons by the club.  Per their email:

We will have 8 seats available at a time. Usually, we swap out paddlers and do instruction with people on land as other people are paddling.  There are no age or weight restrictions, however, participants who are able to perform sustained physical activity for at least 30 minutes will best enjoy the paddle. Participants should be able to swim.


Fee: $20 per person. Best to bring cash or a check.


Plan for Saturday, September 10th at 11am for things to start. Please be at the Kent Island Yacht Club by 10:30 AM.  What to bring / wear: People should have water, sunscreen, hats, water shoes or sandals, a towel, and wear clothing that is quick-dry (workout clothes or swimsuits). 


This is the last outdoor clinic of this summer and it looks like it could be a great, fun, activity.  You might even end up liking it and joining the club! You are responsible for getting yourself to the Yacht club for the clinic. Please email [email protected] with questions. 


To sign-up, please click here:



Hope to see you at both of these events!


-The COSC Team

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