Monthly: BOD Recap June 2023

Date: June 20, 2023
Subject: Monthly: BOD Recap June 2023

Hello Queen’s Landing and welcome to your BOD Meeting Recap for June 2023.


Although there were informative reports from a number of committees, the big business of the night was the first of four motions and it’s amendments to complete the final language on plumbing inspections, flushing, and hot water heaters.


The Board considered the recommendations of the Maintenance committee, the Documentation committee, outside experts who were consulted, and the many homeowners who attended our Town Halls and gave their own recommendations.  In the end the specific language relating to hot water heater replacements and flushing was dropped and the following was adopted:


2.1(g) Plumbing inspection – Unit Owners will be required to have a plumbing inspection and maintenance completed every year, beginning in 2023. The inspection must include, but is not limited to, testing shut-off valves, cleaning all visible supply and drainage piping, and checking for wear or leaks all valves and connections for toilets, tubs and showers, lavatory sinks, kitchen sinks, dishwashers, ice makers, clothes washers, and the domestic hot water heater.


All recommended repairs must be completed within 45 days.  


In other motions, funds were approved to replace the broken fountain in Lake Amletto; funds were approved to begin various asphalt projects around the community; the Board approved the method of installation of awnings proposed by TDL although there is a caveat that they still need to include a few extra details like caulking.


We look forward to hearing from you and we will see you in July!

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