Budgets, dues, and office staff: Part One

Date: August 23, 2023
Subject: Budgets, dues, and office staff: Part One

Hello Queen’s Landing,


We had a larger than usual crowd at Monday night’s Board meeting due to a Facebook post that suggested we would be voting to raise dues. While that meeting was not the one to vote on next year’s Budget (that would be the meeting in October), we had a lot of questions and comments and want to try to address them.


First of all, please understand our dues always have to go up some amount to keep up with inflation. You go to the store, get gas, and everything costs more. Well, all of the things that we all have to go out and spend more on in our personal lives apply to this small business we all co-own. It costs more because electricity costs more, because water costs more, etc.


So, HOW MUCH MORE ARE DUES GOING TO BE? Well, that was part of the discussion Monday night. The Budget committee has met a number of times to discuss that and brought to the Board a number of different proposals that would raise the dues anywhere from about $2 per month up to about $25 per month with some options in between as well. These proposals WILL go out to the community for review. They WILL be discussed again at the next Budget committee meeting and then again at September’s board meeting. And then at the Annual Meeting in October, the Board votes on implementing one of those budgets.


Of the different proposals, the $2 option is basically the “keep up with inflation” option.


Any questions so far? Email [email protected] and he will try to get it answered.


In Part Two of this series, we will cover the next option.

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