Meet the Candidates Forum – Tuesday, September 26 at 7 PM

Date: September 14, 2023
Subject: Meet the Candidates Forum – Tuesday, September 26 at 7 PM

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Meet the Candidates Forum

September 26, 2023

7 pm to 9 pm

A Meet the Candidate Forum is an open event for unit owners where candidates running for the Board of Directors are invited to express their positions and introduce themselves to the community.  While a Meet the Candidate’s Forum is not required it is considered a best practice and should be held each election year, if possible.

For the 2023 Board of Directors Election, five (5) candidates submitted applications by the required deadline.  Attached to this message are the five candidates’ bios and a meeting agenda.  The Election Committee encourages owners to read each candidate bio and to attend the “Meet the Candidates Forum” before casting your vote.

Candidates are required to attend the meeting in person, but, unit owners may attend via online or telephone.  However, there will be an open forum following the formal Q&A format where owners can meet and talk to the candidates personally.  Only owners attending in person will be able to participate in this part of the forum.

If attending the Meet the Candidates Forum, please review the information below:

  • Cell phones and beeping watches should be turned off or muted at the start of the forum. Please do not answer your phones during the forum.  If you need to take or make a call, please quietly leave the room to do so.
  • Attendees are to treat all candidates fairly and respectfully.
  • Please remain quiet throughout the forum.
  • No campaign literature or signs are allowed in the meeting room.
  • Please note the Meet the Candidates forum may be recorded, however, if it is that will be announced prior to the start of the meeting.

Upcoming Dates:

09/25/2023 - Electronic Voting Opens (Voting Managed by Simply Voting)

09/26/2023 - Meet the Candidates Forum at 7:00 pm

10/13/2023 - Voting Ends at 7:00 pm

10/13/2023 - Annual Meeting

Should you have further questions, please email [email protected] so that we can resolve any issues or special needs you may have.  Valid election information will ONLY come from Tidewater Property Management, the election committee at [email protected] or Simply Voting.  Information received from any other source is not official information and should not be viewed as such.

Thank you,

Election Committee

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