Concrete Work – Update on Progress

Date: December 08, 2023
Subject: Concrete Work – Update on Progress
Good Morning Queen’s Landing Residents,
There were some areas the crew were not able to finish pouring yesterday, however, those areas will be addressed today.   The crew will be doing clean up today as previously noted but they will also be back on Monday to finish clean up.
As a reminder, if you have a question or concern about the work being completed, please contact the office.  The contractor’s crew are only doing the work as they have been instructed so please treat them with courtesy.  Regarding areas not addressed in this contract, if you had a maintenance request in previously, please do not resubmit as your request is still in the system and the request will be addressed.  If you have noted a new area you feel needs to be looked at, please submit a maintenance request for that area and, if possible, please include a photo so that the area can be considered for work to be done in 2024.
Finally, thank you to everyone for your cooperation during this project.  We know it is not easy when there is work that is completed here, there and everywhere or when there seems to be one project after another, so please know your cooperation and understanding is truly appreciated.
Thank you,
Tammy Eaton
Queen’s Landing On-Site Community Association Manager
500 Queen’s Landing Drive, Chester, Maryland 21619
Phone: 410-643-5192
[email protected]
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