President Report March 2024

Laurelle Sheedy McCready

President, Board of Directors

Queen’s Landing Council of Unit Owners

[email protected]

March 2024

Hello Queen’s Landing,


If you want to know a bit more than your neighbors about what’s happening in the community, please read on.  If you are less interested, just know I say hello and I am open to chat anytime about your thoughts.


Trash Pickup


98% of the time, they do a great job and we hardly notice. It does draw our attention when there are exceptions to the rule. As you know, our curbside pickup is scheduled to be delayed one day when a major holiday (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day) falls on our pickup day. I have tried to get a confirmation of whether that means both pickup days in the week are pushed back, or just the one immediately after the holiday. Well, that seems to be determined by the number of personnel they have available at the time. We will keep trying to get this better defined.




No matter where you live, recycling is complicated, except of course, in those places where they don’t care at all. But we do care and we are trying our best. Just remember recycling is not picked up curbside.  And when you do bring your goods over to the maintenance enclosure please note the signs on the dumpster listing what is acceptable – if your item is not listed, please put it in one of the blue trash bins.


Community Information


The new Tidewater portal for owners is pretty simple, and very informative. Once you are logged in, try checking the Community Information tab where you will find the calendar and all the documents you are used to accessing. More data is being added every day, but this is already quite helpful.  Also, lots of good stuff in the Frequently Asked Questions tab.


Further, if you really want to be in the know, please consider joining the Communications Committee – contact Michelle Hammer at [email protected].

What’s happening with the pool?


The best news is we anticipate opening mid-May and closing late September. In the meantime, we have had the pool and the pool decks analyzed and will need to install a new pool shell coating before the opening of our season. We are doing further analysis on the pool decks and anticipate that work will be attacked this fall.


How about the Lake Amleto Bridge?


One-third of our community enjoys a bridge view.  And our little bridge was constructed so that we could not simply fix a decking board, as needed.  We don’t have the funds right now to tackle the whole structure, so we’re going to invest a little to clean up the look for the moment.  


Lions, tigers and bears – oh my….


These are the puzzles that are keeping us awake at night – balconies and decks, windows and doors, the pickle ball/tennis courts, the lake bridge and a few more.  But so far they are puzzles, not catastrophes, and we will continue to work each problem step by step.


Which brings me to the last of my musings for the morning …


Committee work and Board work is rewarding


If you see one of these topics that piques your interest, and you have a little time to help, we will do our best to make sure you find your efforts appreciated and well utilized.  We have two open Board seats right now so please reach out to me if you would like to consider joining this group.


Happy Spring and be well,


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