Unit Owner Maintenance/Inspection Requirement Reminder

As we are halfway through the year we are sending this friendly reminder of unit owner maintenance requirements/inspections needed this year.  Please note that HVAC inspections were due by May so if you have not yet had your HVAC inspected and sent the information to the office, please take care of this immediately.  All others just need to be completed by the end of 2024.


Attached is a list of some resources to help you comply with unit maintenance requirements listed in the QL Rules and Regulations.

  • Fire extinguisher– All Units must have at least one working fire extinguisher. Please check your fire extinguishers to confirm they are properly charged. If a fire extinguisher is fully charged, the green button should pop back out immediately or on some styles, there is a needle indicator that should be in the green full charge range.

  • Hard-wired smoke detectors must be in working order.

  • Dryer vents – Annual inspection and cleaning.

  • HVAC system inspection and service –HVAC units must receive an annual spring service, between the months of March through May, to include condensate line inspection and clearing. It is recommended that the system also be inspected and serviced in the fall, September through November.

  • Plumbing inspection – Unit Owners are required to have a plumbing inspection and maintenance completed every year, beginning in 2023. The inspection must include, but is not limited to, testing shut-off valves, cleaning all visible supply and drainage piping, and checking for wear or leaks all valves and connections for toilets, tubs and showers, lavatory sinks, kitchen sinks, dishwashers, icemakers, clothes washers, and the domestic hot water heater.  Attached is a plumbing checklist you can provide to your plumber to aid them in recording these areas that have been checked and the ability to note if any repairs are needed or repairs completed.

  • Fireplaces and Chimneys (wood burning and propane) – Annual inspection and cleaning. Alternatively, the unit owner may provide proof that the fireplace has been removed or services disabled by a licensed vendor.

  • Fire suppression systems – Unit owners must engage a full inspection by a licensed inspection company in 2024, and every 10 years thereafter.

Please note, Queen's Landing cannot vouch for these vendors.  Most have been utilized by QL residents, but it is critical that you do your own vetting.  We hope this information is helpful and we will add vendors to these lists as we are able.

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