BOD Recap February 2021

Date: February 18, 2021
Subject: Monthly: BOD Recap February 2021

There were two motions and a number of discussions for the February 2021 meeting:

Chair of Long Range Planning submitted a motion to approve a quote for some new gating in the community.  One at the garbage/recycling area and one at the end of the marina egressing to Anchor Lane and this was passed.

Chair of Maintenance and President submitted a motion to fix the HVAC system in the Chester Room, where the heat has failed.  Although fixing just the heat would have come under the amount needed for the Maintenance committee to act without a motion, this included the proposal as well to update the whole system as it is at the end of its life.  This was passed.

The President addressed a homeowner’s concern about how ongoing litigation against QLCUO affects the HOA disclosures used by lenders to approve financing.

The Board discussed the needs for pool passes and asked the Clubhouse and Social Committee chair to have his committee investigate and propose a solution.

The Board discussed the personnel changes in the management office.   A new manager is scheduled to replace Tammy sometime in March and a new admin assistant will follow as well.

Finally, there was lengthy discussion not only among BOD members but also in the Homeowner commentary on the recent communication from the office on Birdhouses and Decorations in trees, and this grew to a number of related topics, such as whether shepherd’s hooks and similar accessories are in scope, as well as how birdfeeders may or may not be similarly prohibited due to rules against feeding wildlife.

You can find the minutes of BOD and committee meetings at the link below. If you clicked the link below and are prompted for a login you may have to log in first and then click the link again.

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