Pool Adhoc Town Hall Meeting Follow-up

Date: March 08, 2021
Subject: Pool Adhoc Town Hall Meeting Follow-up

There was a lot of information provided in our town hall presentation on March 5th which inevitably has prompted questions from homeowners.  Our committee realized everyone could not attend for a variety of reasons, or if they did might need to watch again, so we planned for that.  A link will be provided to the community to review the presentation on QL website this week. 

If you still want or need additional information about the work and analysis that was done, both “in-house” and by qualified professionals, please review the minutes of the Long Range Planning Committee, Ad Hoc Reserve Study Committee, Maintenance Committee, Budget Committee, Ad Hoc Pool Security Committee and the Board Meeting Minutes that are uploaded on the Tidewater portal. Unit owners are urged to join committees, attend meetings and review minutes and presentation materials on the portal.

To briefly summarize, note was made, and work was begun by LRPC on the use and physical condition of the Clubhouse facility starting in 2017. Then in 2019 quite suddenly and unexpectedly, the state and county health departments notified us that new pool security barrier rules would apply to us in 2020 and our pool could not operate if changes were not in place by the start of the pool season. Some of these changes involved our first-floor rear fire exit so the county Fire Marshall became involved and noted other issues that also needed correcting. 

In short QL has 2 important and immediate needs, repairing deteriorating and problematic areas of the Clubhouse, and meeting new state and county pool security requirements.   The latter must be done by October 2022.  The other items identified in our presentation must be done within the next few years. If all of this isn’t done, the Chester Room, Social Room, Exercise Room and pool cannot continue to be used in conformance with health, safety laws and regulations. 

Solutions were identified and developed with an eye to avoid the need to spend money on work that would just have to be ripped out and redone when other work was done. This is not fiscally responsible. 

The Ad Hoc Pool Committee pulled all of the information developed by other committees, our architects and engineers together.  At the end of 2020 time was spent writing and developing a presentation to the Board and an explanation to unit owners.   In our work a preferred solution became obvious.  There are no personal opinions or wants in this project as the solution is complying with the state regulations and repairing/replacing/correcting scheduled issues within the clubhouse.

However, both solutions will be presented to the Board along with our recommendation on which to adopt. The choice will be up to the Board. 

QL Homeowners real comments from Friday night’s town hall:

Very good job with presentation.  Thank you. 

Thought you guys did an outstanding job and concur with everything you proposed and behind this 100%

Thanks for hard work
On board and it looks great.  Will wait for budget and if kept in budget and it comes out of Reserves then behind this 100%. 
I’m on board with this.  Have seen the condition of clubhouse and this is needed. 
Owner 25 years and this is the best presentation ever seen.  Believe it is time for this to be done.  Thank you
Phenomenal job on presentation and clubhouse needs these renovations.  Understanding how we can capitalize on doing all at one time is key. 
Good job.  A really good solution.  Really like the second solution.

Please email all questions to:  [email protected].

Towards the end of the week we will send another email blast to the entire community with the questions and answers.   Please note that the architectural renderings are on display in the Clubhouse lobby for your preview.

Queen's Landing