Maintenance Updates

Date: April 19, 2021
Subject: Maintenance Updates

Bridge Inspection

The pond is in the process of being drained.  This to allow an engineer with TDL to inspect the bridge piling. 

Once the inspection is complete, we will let the pond fill naturally and the fountains will then be turned back on. 

Gate at Maintenance Building

As most of you know we are having an ongoing issue with illegal dumping.  Large items such as furniture and construction debris are being placed near the trash and recycling area.  The attached are photos were taken the day after trash removal.  We have the person(s) responsible on video.  If these are your items, please contact the office to prevent further action.

The maintenance contractor is constantly having to clean the trash area up, move bags around and haul items away that are not allowed such as sofas, appliances, remodeling debris, etc., which costs the residents in this community more money whether it be time spent (hourly cost) or the cost of dump fees.  Please visit the portal Community Information/Governing Documents/Rules and Regulation to familiarize yourself with what item are permitted in the trash/recycling area.

As part of trying to combat this ongoing issue, at the March 15th meeting the board approved the installation a gate at the maintenance building.   The fencing, gates and internet service has been installed.  The electrical work and security access system are still being worked on.  Once all components are complete you will be able to access the trash/recycling area with your current key fob and thru a gate with a cypher lock.   


Thank you,



Lisa L Shank

On-Site Community Association Manager

Queen’s Landing CUO

500 Queen’s Landing Drive

Chester, MD  21619

[email protected]

O: 410-643-5192  F:410-604-2712


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Please Note:  It is important that we stress for all residents using personal means of communication such as the homeowner-operated Residents of Queen’s Landing Facebook page as well as the homeowner-operated email newsletter Queen’s Landing Homeowners for Transparency, that they are not formally monitored by either the management office or the Board. Nor are they a formal means of communication for Queen’s Landing.  If you have an issue, a complaint, a question, or anything else that needs attention from the management office, the Board, or an individual board member; you must use one of the following means:


A phone call to the office at 410-643-5192

An email to the office at [email protected]

A ticket on the Tidewater Portal

After-hours emergencies: 443-548-0191

All the Board members emails are on the Queens Landing website


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