Parking for Kayak Launch, Boat Slips and Tennis Courts

Date: May 28, 2021
Subject: Parking for Kayak Launch, Boat Slips and Tennis Courts

While the Rules & Regulations state that there is not assigned parking in Queen’s Landing, they also state to be courteous and to have your visitors use overflow parking located throughout the community. This goes for those who live in the community but are visiting another person or area of the community as well.  The intent is to allow those that live in a building the ability to park at that building.


There are some amenities in the community that residents are using and in doing so are parking in the spaces in front of Condo buildings because of that building’s proximity to the amenity. These areas include the kayak launch located at the end of Queen Anne Way, the slips at the Marina located behind Buildings 4, 5, 6, 7, 21, 22 and 23 and the tennis court. There is overflow parking located throughout the community and near these areas that should be used when utilizing these amenities. You would not be happy to return back to your unit after kayaking, boating or playing tennis only to find someone that lives in another building parked at your building because they wanted to get out at that area and walk around. You would expect them to park in overflow parking. Simply put, treat others as you would like to be treated.


Attached is a map that shows the above-mentioned amenities and overflow parking areas near those amenities/locations. If you need to unload a heavy item it is fine to pull up and quickly unload and then move your vehicle to park in overflow.  If you have a large group of people going to your boat, instead of having two or three cars parking in the limited overflow area on Queen Victoria shuttle your guests over and then park one vehicle in the overflow area or at the clubhouse. 


Finally, if going to your boat slip and walking between two buildings to do so, please be courteous and do so quietly. It seems that the area between 5H and 6A seem to get quite a bit of rowdy traffic. These owners understand that your slip may be easier to get to by shortcutting between these two units and that it is common area, but we do kindly ask that you be quiet and respectful.


Note:  This weekend overflow parking across from building 5 is limited due to the dumpster, please use the clubhouse parking if going to your boat or walk over from your unit. 


Enjoy the rest of the summer QL!


2.8.1. Parking Except as provided in section

(d) herein, there is no reserved parking on Queen’s Landing. Since we do not have sufficient space to ensure parking for 2 vehicles per unit, we urge multi-car families, visitors, and guests to use the overflow parking as available. 





Lisa L Shank 

Queen's Landing