Maintenance Building Gate

Date: June 25, 2021
Subject: Maintenance Building Gate

Good afternoon,

The gate at the maintenance building has been tested and works as intended.  With that said starting Monday, June 28th you will need to have your key fob with you to access this area.  Please note this is the same key fob you use to access the clubhouse.

When driving up to the gate there is a pedestal with a scanner on the left-hand side if facing the gate.  Simply place your key fob in front of the scanner and the gate will automatically open.  Please wait until the gate is opened fully before entering.  Do NOT stop in the path of the gate

When exiting drive towards the gate and it will automatically open.  Stop and wait until the gate if fully opened before exiting. 

While there are safety mechanisms in place, Do NOT stop in the path of the gate. 

There is also a pedestrian gate on the backside of the area with a cypher lock code C260X

If you need a key fob, they can be purchased at the clubhouse and they are $10.00 per fob.  Please make your check payable to Queens Landing COU.  We cannot accept cash or debit cards. 


Thank You, 


Lisa L Shank 

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