Pet Policy Reminder – Dealing with Unleashed Pets and Aggressive Pets

Date: December 22, 2021
Subject: Pet Policy Reminder – Dealing with Unleashed Pets and Aggressive Pets

The office has received a complaint regarding dogs being walked or let out unleashed.  Per the Rules & Regulations of Queen’s Landing no pet is allowed to run free in the community.  If you experience a situation in which you encounter a resident that is allowing their pet to run free, we want to know about it, but in order to address the issue we will need to know who the resident is or where they live or at the very least a photo of the resident with their unleashed pet.  The Board cannot address the issue if the person or pet is not identified by the complainant or if information is not provided that will help us identify the violator.

If you have an experience with an aggressive animal, please contact QAC Animal Control at 410-758-2393 as they are able to provide a more immediate response and are able to remove the animal if necessary.  Following is the link to file a complaint with Animal Control  After contacting Animal Control, please do contact the office to advise of the incident and provide an incident report so that a violation letter from Queen’s Landing can be sent to the resident.  In a situation involving an aggressive animal, if you feel the pet owner deliberately had the animal act in an aggressive manner toward you, please file a report with the QAC Sheriff’s Department at 410-758-0770 in addition to contacting Animal Control and advising the office.  If it is an emergency situation, please dial 911.  In all situations, please remember you will need to be able to provide information to help identify the violator.

Below is an excerpt of the Queens Landing’s Rules and Regulations, Section 2. Building and Grounds, Subsection 2.7 Pets, Page 10 as it pertains to pets:

(a) Queen’s Landing residents may have orderly domestic pets provided pet owners register their pet(s) with the Office and comply with Queen Anne’s County codes (Title 9, Section 9, QA Code) and Maryland State ordinances and that such pets are not kept or maintained for commercial purposes.

(b) The maintenance, keeping, boarding, breeding, and raising of animals, livestock, poultry or reptiles of any kind within any unit or upon any Element of Queen’s Landing is prohibited.

(c) Pets are not permitted to run free (unleashed) within the community. Domestic pets shall not cause or create a nuisance, safety or health hazard or unreasonable disturbance.

(d) An individual who walks a pet is required to have his/her pet leashed and have the pet under direct control at all times. Pet waste must be picked up and properly disposed of (e.g.,in the Pet Waste Stations or other appropriate containers).In addition, an adult must directly supervise any child walking or playing with pets when on Common or Limited Common Elements.

(e) Queen’s Landing unit owners should not feed the deer, geese, squirrels, ducks and pigeons that visit and live on our property because of the potential contamination of the grounds from droppings and the danger to the animals.

(f) Pet owners are directly responsible for any damage caused by their pet(s) to landscaping and community property (e.g., lampposts).

Queen’s Landing’s Rules & Regulations and all governing documents can be viewed on the portal under Community Information > Governing Documents as well as on the Queen’s Landing website at under Forms and Resources > Governing Documents or by clicking this link

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