Asphalt Rejuvenation Complete – Striping and Speed Bump Painting Next

Date: September 29, 2023
Subject: Asphalt Rejuvenation Complete – Striping and Speed Bump Painting Next
Hello Queen’s Landing,
Another rejuvenation project has been completed and for the most part it went very smoothly, even with the mist and rain challenges.  The cooperation of the community as a whole was once again impressive.  Thank you to everyone for having vehicles moved and watching out for the Broadcast Messages advising if areas were closed longer than anticipated.
Please note that some areas are still a bit slick so take extra care while driving through the community.  The slickness will lessen over the next several days as will the tackiness of the product. Two residents have had the crack fill product used to fill the cracks prior to applying the rejuvenation product, stick to their tires and noted that the crack fill pulled up a bit out of the crack. I have consulted with the contractor regarding these two incidents and have been advised that this can happen but that it shouldn’t be a big problem overall.  However, if it is, they will return and address any areas that need the crack fill reapplied.  Please notify the office if you note an issue so that we may track any additional occurrences.
Painting of the speed bumps and striping of the clubhouse parking lot and a few other areas are expected to be completed next week, however, we do not have a set date as of yet.  As soon as we do, notice will be sent to the community.
Again, thank you everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

Tammy Eaton


Tidewater Property Management On-Site Community Association Manager

Queen’s Landing COUO, 500 Queen’s Landing Drive, Chester, MD  21619

O: 410.643.5192

[email protected]

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