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You own or rent a home in the finest residential condominium community on Kent Island. It is important that all unit owners and tenants read and understand their rights and responsibilities as presented in the Maryland Condominium and Queen’s Landing’s governing documents (Bylaws, Rules; Regulations, etc.)

As with any condominium association, these documents define the rules and policies that all residents must follow in order to ensure the general welfare and safety of the community. Queen’s Landing’s rules and policies were written with the “reasonable person standard” as a guide where each person has a duty to behave as a reasonable person would under the same or similar circumstance of varying situations.

Assn. Insurance

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How do I obtain insurance certificate for Association Policy?


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Change Request Forms and Maintenance Requests:

Architectural Change Request Form 

Architectural Change Request
for Satellite Dishes

Landscape Change Request


Maintenance Requests are done via the Tidewater Portal link below.  You will be prompted for your Tidewater login:

Maintenance Request

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